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Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea are well known to everyone.

But, you will agree with me that, In India, you can’t think about a curry without turmeric in it. However turmeric has some amazing medicinal powers and is just more than a spice. Turmeric tea with Indian spices is perfect for flavor and health.

Turmeric tea is another way of including turmeric in your diet. It is full of health benefits.

In this article, we talk about the benefits of drinking Turmeric Tea, it’s benefits, potential side effects, as well as how to make the perfect cup of turmeric tea.

Nutrition value of Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is a natural antibiotic and has an antiseptic effect. If you like natural products to improve your health, then turmeric tea is another healthy way to consume turmeric. Turmeric should be part of your diet either directly or with any other food component.

The curcumin compound in turmeric has an antitumor effect. It destroys free radicals, prevents platelets from sticking together, and thus prevents plaque accumulation in blood vessels. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, lowers blood sugar, cleanses the blood, and slows down aging.

Teas like Green Tea, Black Tea are all beneficial for your health so as Turmeric Tea. Use of Turmeric is so prevalent in India that it is often not even thought of as an Ayurveda remedy. Here are some of the health benefits of Turmeric.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

Although turmeric has many more benefits, here is a list of top 10 best benefits of turmeric tea that you should know.

#01. Manages Diabetes

Studies indicate that turmeric extract helps regulate blood sugar levels. It also improves blood sugar levels. Although Turmeric tea is considered to be safe for most people to drink, diabetics should take turmeric tea after doctor’s consultation.

#02. Boosts Immune System

Turmeric can greatly boost your immunity. Turmeric is consumed uncooked with milk or warm water or in the form of turmeric tea. It leads to improving immunity. Use of spices like turmeric to treat cold & cough is very common in India.

#03. Controls Arthritis & Pain

Turmeric contains a chemical called curcumin that seems to be anti-inflammatory. If you regularly drink turmeric tea, inflammation, swelling and other arthritis symptoms will be relieved..

#04. Combats Flu or Cold

Turmeric boosts your immune system and makes your body to fight against diseases naturally. Turmeric can be drunk with milk or warm water or as tea to help fight cold. Turmeric tea can reduce symptoms of nose congestion.


#05. Fights Throat Infection

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant. You can drink hot turmeric tea with lemon juice twice a day. Turmeric tea cures throat infection and relieves throat soreness.

#06. Lose Weight

Regular consumption of turmeric tea leads to an increase in stomach bile production. Turmeric tea helps to prevent fat accumulation in the body. You can start your day with a cup of turmeric tea to prepare your digestive system for the rest of the day. It is full of antioxidants and it boosts your immune system as well as a result you start losing weight and you get a flat stomach.


#07. Manages Cholesterol

Turmeric is effective at lowering unhealthy LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing healthy HDL (good) cholesterol. It’s especially helpful with a diet low in saturated fats and high in soluble fiber.

#08. Skin Health

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Due to this, it helps with acne, acts as an anti-aging agent, makes your skin glow and younger, speeds up wound healing, removes excess oil from the skin and stops bacteria growing.


#09. Keeps your liver Healthy

Turmeric tea improves liver functions and keeps your liver healthy. Its powerful antioxidants detoxifies liver and protects it from various toxins by rejuvenating the cells to perform their function efficiently.

#10. Anti-Cancer Property

Studies shows that curcumin found in turmeric helps to kill cancer cells. You can take turmeric tea as cancer protective or as a curative

How to Make Turmeric Tea?

Ingredients required for making turmeric tea are, turmeric root or turmeric powder, desi ghee, black pepper corns, ginger.

  1. Take fresh turmeric root or else you can take turmeric powder.
  2. You have to peel the skin off if you take turmeric root.
  3. Unfortunately, our bodies are not very effective at absorbing turmeric. Take 5 to 6 black pepper corns and pound it using a stone grinder. Pepper corns help absorb curcumin more quickly and improves flavor as well.
  4. If you are using turmeric root then you can add the root in to the same stone grinder along with black peppercorns and crush it to make a paste out of it. If you use turmeric powder, a cup of tea should have a half table spoonful of turmeric.
  5. Put the paste in to a pan and add a cup of water.
  6. Optional, Ginger not only adds a great flavor but it’s full of anti-oxidants and its own healing benefits. Take a small piece of ginger root and peel the skin. Grate it. Add the grated ginger to your boiling water.
  7. Leave on low heat for 1 min until the water starts boiling and then switch off the heat.
  8. After that you can add a table spoon of desi ghee or fatty food like oil for better curcumin absorption in your body otherwise you can add lemon and honey.
  9. Cover it and let it steep for few minutes.
  10. Strain the tea and enjoy.

You can have this tea twice a day. (Remember turmeric should be consumed in a limited manner)

Q & A

How many times a day should we take turmeric tea?

You can have turmeric tea 1 to 2 times in a day.

If you are having surgery, stop taking turmeric at least two weeks in advance because it can interfere with blood clotting.

You need to consult with your doctor about drinking turmeric tea if you have these conditions.

Consuming too much turmeric tea might have side effects like nausea, diarrhea, and upset stomach.

Can turmeric aid in weight loss?

Weight loss depends on many factors. But turmeric tea definitely adds its own powers to the weight loss program. Curcumin a chemical compound found in turmeric can actually suppress growth of fat cells.

As it increases the stomach bile juice production which is a digestive juice, it helps in emulsifying metabolism.

Is turmeric fat soluble?

Yes, for better absorption, you can drink turmeric tea with desi ghee, olive oil or with any fatty substance

Final Thought

We just covered top best health benefits of turmeric tea and by this time you must be agree that turmeric is just more than spice because of its magical healing powers.

As long as you eat it moderately, turmeric is generally safe and beneficial for reducing inflammation and helping to relieve related conditions such as osteoarthritis.

But under some circumstances, it makes the use of turmeric inadvisable. This involves

  • Being pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Having trouble with the gallbladder or stomach ulcers

If you are having surgery, stop taking turmeric at least two weeks in advance because it can interfere with blood clotting.

You need to consult with your doctor about drinking turmeric tea if you have these conditions.

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