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Autumn 2022

The latest issue of ABC Organic Gardener magazine is filled with naturally great ideas to help you add to your gardening skills and build your self-reliance! From planting healthy winter veg to the benefits of raising your own heirloom seedlings, our writers share their horticultural expertise in easy steps for you to use in your own backyard. 

There’s also tips for growing super nourishing root vegies and cabbage. Plus, making room in your garden for flowering bulbs that will burst into colour in spring and the secret to growing your own wickedly wonderful wasabi.

ABC Organic Gardener magazine is available online from March 24, 2022.




Plant: Into the earth

Karen Sutherland suggests some super-nourishing root vegetables to plant now.

Grow: Winter wonders

Paul West writes about nutritious crops you can plant now for a healthy harvest in the cooler months.

Grow: Cabbage comeback

Jian Liu says there’s a cabbage to suit any vegie patch. Plus, top fermenting ideas to stock up your pantry.

Flowers: Burst of beauty with bulbs

Autumn is a busy time for Eliza Henry-Jones but she never regrets making space for spring-flowering bulbs.

Organic farming: Seeds of our future

Penny Woodward visits a Victorian couple who have transformed their property from organic food production into a thriving seed-growing enterprise.

Grow: Raise your own seedlings

Building self-reliance is one important aspect of raising your own seedlings – you’ll also be part of the seed stewardship community, writes Helen McKerral.

Grow: Wicked, wonderful wasabi

Helen McKerral looks at the truth behind your supermarket purchase and how you can grow your own.

Tool talk: Having a dig

When it comes to small hand tools, such as trowels, Penny Woodward says look for comfort and durability.

Action: Cool operators

Colder weather means it’s the perfect time to get cracking on garden jobs and planting.

Harvest: Wholesome creations

Sophie Hansen and Annie Herron have put together a collection of art ideas and delicious recipes for their new book Around The Kitchen Table.

Poultry: Bitey buggers be gone

Jessamy Miller looks at the importance of ‘pest patrol’ to keep your chooks lice and mite free.








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